2017-11-08 09:47 #0 by: Niklas

This is an article by Rasmus Skjoldan, product manager at Magnolia, about his experience going from laptop to iPad. His take is that the big leap wasn’t in hardware, but in storage and modularity:

“The entire discussion about whether or not the iPad Pro can replace the laptop is not the real question to explore. I’m not switching from one thing to another one thing — but from relying largely on one main computer accessing many things — to a much more modular computing setup. The harddisk is no longer what I keep organized and controlled. The main computer is gone. I’m no longer trying to set up that one computer to make it match everything that I do and aspire to. I just need thinner and much more modular clients to jack me in.“

Read his whole post at Medium:

Making an iPad Pro my primary computer (and it’s not a test)

(Photo by Rasmus Skjoldan)