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2020-04-27, 17:07

iPad for Corona times

In these times we must use our iPads any way we can to break the isolation and do fun things. 😀

Houseparty, in its essence, is a video chat app for iOS, iPadOS, Android and Chrome. In addition to video meetings, the app has a handful of games you can play, together, but safely socially distant. One of the games is Quick Draw. One person gets a word that he or she should draw onscreen, while the others try and guess what word it is. I thought it was quite fun. I’m not sure if it was the game or that I got to see my daughter while playing. 😀

The app is free. There are in-app purchases, but I havent understod what they are for.

» ‎Houseparty on the App Store

Do you have any app tips for making Corona times easier or more fun?

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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