2017-04-21 11:54 #0 by: Niklas

I use lots of images to illustrate things i write about. Often I have screenshots that I want to draw or write on to make a point. Having used many different tools in the past I now only use Annotable for all types of annotations.

Annotable app has all the tools I need:

  • Crop tool.
  • Circles, squares, rectangles, rounded squares and rectangles.
  • Straight and curved lines.
  • Arrows of two types.
  • Text tool and text highlight.
  • Blur and pixelation tools. Both can be adjusted so they reveal/hide as much as you like.
  • Spotlight tool that dims the image except for where you put rectangular or circular/oval spotlights.
  • Magnifier tool. With this you can magnify a circular area. You can either put it on the spot to magnify or in another place with an arrow pointing to the magnified spot. Magnification levels can be adjusted to 2x, 3x or 4x.

Many of the tools can be modified with different colors, sizes, line widths and optional white outlines.

Annotable is free. With an in-app purchase you can buy extra features and customization options. All extras can be tried out before you decide to buy them. It is a universal app and available in many languages.