Apple WWDC 2020 Keynote starting now

2020-06-22 16:59 #0 by: Niklas

Watch here:

» Apple Events - Special Event Stream - Apple

2020-06-23 11:25 #1 by: Evelina

I watched part of it because my boyfriend was listening to it. What do you think of their 'divorce' from intel? 

2020-06-30 11:23 #2 by: Niklas

The way they presented it, it sounded like a good step for them and their customers. The more they know and control of the hardware, the better they can make the software. They have proved that many times before. 🙂 Do you have another opinion?

2020-06-30 12:47 #3 by: Evelina

No opinion. I am not very tech savvy. Laughing out loud My boyfriend said he won't be buying another laptop from Apple due to the change but I don't remember what his reasoning exactly was. 

2020-07-15 09:11 #4 by: Niklas

Okay. Interesting, that a hardware part makes him decide not to buy a computer. In my opinion, a computer is mostly a choice of software. 🙂

2020-07-15 10:56 #5 by: Evelina



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