2019-10-16 10:53 #0 by: Niklas

Once in a while I come across apps that surprise me one way or another. This is one of them. PaintCan lets you pick a photo (or any picture) and turn it into a painting by scrubbing with your fingers. If you zoom in when you scrub, there will be more details. Zoom out and the brush strokes will be more coarse. You can pick among a few different styles, like light, heavy, structured and organic. When you are done you save the result and can do anything you like with it. In my opinion, this is not an app to replace real paintings, but to make unique painting-like photos. I use it for turning dull photos into more interesting images. Perfect when you need a free image for an article or instruction, for instance.

As the headline says, this app is free. I wouldn’t mind paying a few dollars for it, but don’t tell Adobe. 😀

» ‎Adobe PaintCan - Have fun creating Art from Photos on the App Store