iPadOS & iOS 13 public beta now available

2019-06-25 11:54 #0 by: Niklas

If you have a iPhone or iPad that you are not dependent on, you might want to try out the public beta of iOS 13 or iPadOS. All you have to do is enroll in the Apple Beta Software Program. It is easy. Open the link below and follow the instructions. I recommend first making a backup of your device with iTunes.

Be aware that there are bugs in beta software. Do not install beta software on devices that you are dependent on to work.

» Apple Beta Software Guide

» iOS & iPadOS 13 Beta 2 Release Notes | Apple Developer Documentation

2019-06-25 16:47 #1 by: jordan

It came out much earlier than expected, that's great news Glad

Is it just me that is getting a really slow download for iPad OS though? Maybe it is because so many people are attempting it?

2019-06-26 07:36 #2 by: Niklas

I don't know how long mine took. I left it while I did other things. When I returned, it was finished.

- One small issue I found so far was that my typing shortcuts weren't imported.

- Some apps have behaved odd graphically, which isn't unexpected.

- Having the today view on the first home screen is good.

- More icons on the home screen also feel good so far.

2019-06-27 10:00 #3 by: Niklas

Today I’m working solely from my iPadOS 13 beta iPad to see how it works. So far, no significant issues.

2019-06-27 18:04 #4 by: jordan

#2 Yeah for some reason mine took an age to finish, but it could have just been my excitement making the wait seem longer, haha.

After playing around with it for a few days I think it's pretty good. The App icons appearing so small takes a while to get used to, but the fact that so much more can fit on screen makes it worth the hassle. I have noticed some weird graphical issues with dark mode not appearing correctly though, but I'm sure that is something that is already noted.

2019-06-28 08:59 #5 by: Niklas

Still just a few minor snags here and there. I wish I would dare to install the beta on my work iPad, but I know from experience how frustrating it gets when you find an annoying bug and realize you have to wait until September to get the final OS version.

The improvements in Files are welcome. Being able to se for instance EXIF information of photos is very good.

2019-07-02 23:28 #6 by: jordan

 I noticed another issue that may be a burden as well./ For whatever reason the new update does not like video streaming websites, and especially ads. Once one plays, it crashes the app. Kind of annoying but the issue goes away once you re open the app.

2019-07-03 07:57 #7 by: Niklas

I, too, have had a few apps crashing or becoming unresponsive. Some of it may be due to the apps not having been updated for iOS 13.

2019-07-03 21:04 #8 by: jordan

Do developers work on apps during the beta period to release during that time? I imagine not, but I could be wrong.


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