HTML editor with sftp support for iPad?

2019-05-31 10:30 #0 by: Joab

I am looking for a decent HTML editor with sftp support so that I can easily edit HTML pages and upload changes to my home page. Some of them cost a few dollars so I would appreciate some recommendations. Thanks!

2019-05-31 11:56 #1 by: Joab

Easy access to often used HTML symbols like < > / is also valuable. For example with an extra keyboard row.

2019-06-01 09:40 #2 by: Niklas

There are several solutions to that. Using Textastic is one. It can handle sftp and it has an extensive extra keyboard row with more characters than you will ever need.

Coda meets your demands too.

My current solution is to use a combination of FE File Explorer Pro and Kodex. It does not meet your criteria of having an extra keyboard row. I use an external keyboard so special characters is not an issue for me. It does, however, have other interesting possibilities.

Kodex is a code editor that use the native iOS Files interface to open files. It has many good features that I like. One is the scroll bar to the right. It lets you quickly scroll through the open document.

Kodex doesn’t have ftp or any other file transfer protocol. That’s where File Explorer comes in. File explorer can connect using several ftp protocols as well as most of the common cloud services (Box, Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive and many more). What makes it special is that once you have created a connection in File Explorer, you can add that as a connection in the iOS Files app. That way Kodex can open remote html files like if they were local files.

Let me know if my short explanation isn’t enough for you to get the general idea. I will try to clear it out for you.

» ‎Textastic Code Editor 7 on the App Store

» ‎Coda by Panic on the App Store

» ‎Kodex on the App Store

» ‎FE File Explorer Pro on the App Store

2019-06-01 09:51 #3 by: Niklas

This is what it looks like in the Files app when I browse one of my remote ftp servers via File Explorer.

2019-06-01 17:51 #4 by: Joab

Thanks for a very good answer, as always. I am sure it will be very useful. Exactly what I was after.

2019-06-02 07:10 #5 by: Niklas

No problem. 🙂


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