Do you use iPad artistically?

2019-02-21 10:50 #0 by: Niklas

I sometimes draw sketches to explain how something looks or how I want something to be done. Recently I drew a fan mount that I wanted my brother to print in plastic on a 3D printer. Other times I have drawn icons, logos and invention ideas. That's about as artistic as I get. I wish I was musical because I really would like to create music.

My main drawing apps are Affinity Designer, Graphics and Paper.

Do you draw, paint, play or create music on the iPad? What apps do you use?

2019-02-25 21:37 #1 by: jordan

While I am intrigued at the Garageband app on iPad, I know that I do not know enough about music to make any use out of it Laughing out loud

As for drawing... the less said the better!

2019-02-26 09:00 #2 by: Niklas



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