2019-02-12 12:10 #0 by: Niklas

John Voorhees at MacStories has written a thorough walkthrough of Concepts, an app for drawing and sketching on iPad. One of the distinguishing features of Concepts is its infinite canvas. You can’t draw outside the edge of the canvas because it automatically expands when you try to.

”Listening to Cheney’s explanation, I realized that the primary value of an app like Concepts lies in helping users record and refine their ideas. Whether your ideas result in something like Cheney’s whimsical concept art for The Grinch or my messy soup of notes, screenshots, and highlighting, the core utility of Concepts, which is right there in its name, is the way it facilitates the exploration of ideas. That's an important distinction that makes Concepts an appropriate choice for iPad users regardless of whether you're an artist.”

If you like to draw, or want to start, read the article. It’s got lots of images to get you inspired.

» Concepts for iPad: An Adaptable Infinite Canvas to Suit Anyone’s Needs – MacStories

Concepts has a rating of 4.6/5.0 from 145 users in the App Store.

» ‎Concepts on the App Store