How to go paperless with iPad

2019-01-30 10:11 #0 by: Niklas

Here’s another of Apples new videos showing how to use iPad for real work. In this one, it's about going paperless. Instead of putting papers into piles, you can scan and save them in iCloud for easy access whenever you like. There are different many ways to do it. Did you know that iOS own Notes app has an easy to use document scanner? It’s not the one they use in this video though.

If you want to see more like this, or learn which apps were used in the video, visits Apples website:

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Have you gone paperless?

2019-01-30 20:52 #1 by: jordan

I hope to go paperless very soon! I have recently ordered the new Apple pencil, so we shall see how that works out!

2019-01-31 13:06 #2 by: Niklas

Let us know when you've had it for a while.

2019-02-06 23:16 #3 by: jordan

Of course! The place I ordered from is one that is offered to students only. While this means it's more viable financially, it has meant that I have to wait a longer time for it to arrive.

2019-02-07 11:29 #4 by: Niklas

Low price is a good reason to wait longer. 🙂

2019-02-11 20:14 #5 by: jordan

I have good news in that it has finally arrived! I haven't had a chance to try it out just yet, but I hope to at my next lecture on Thursday. I also have a Keyboard with it now, so I can try both and let you know what I think!

2019-02-12 11:02 #6 by: Niklas

I’m both interested in what you like and what you think is lacking. 🙂