Easily share your Wi-Fi login with a QR code

2018-11-21 10:06 #0 by: Niklas

Have you ever wished it was easier to share the password to a wireless network? When a client or consultant visit the office, or when you have a friend over for dinner or to hang out? Get this shortcut to create a scannable QR code instead.

Run the shortcut when you are logged in to the wireless network you want to share. Type the WI-Fi password when asked. Now your network login will be saved as a QR code in the All Photos album. There are two versions. One with just the QR code and one with a short instruction.

Anyone with an iPad or iPhone can scan the QR code with the Camera app. Android users can use a separate QR reader if their phone or tablet doesn’t have one built in. No more typing of hard to read passwords. Just scan and go.

Frame the QR code and put it where people see it when they visit. Or keep it available in your phone for them to scan. 🙂

» Share Wi-Fi QR shortcut

Install the free Shortcuts app from App Store if you haven’t already. You will find many uses for it:

» ‎Shortcuts on the App Store

2018-11-21 17:06 #1 by: Leia

This would be really good for Android users!

I have noticed that IOS already shares the wifi with your contacts instantly as long as you have either Bluetooth or airdrop on I think! It is a great feature. 

All the best, Leia

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