2018-09-26 10:40 #0 by: Niklas

In addition to a speed boost for many devices with iOS 12, there are other small, but possibly convenient changes worth knowing.

You open Control Center by dragging down a couple of centimeters from the upper right corner of the screen, where the battery level meter is.

If you want to be undisturbed for a while, you can activate Do not disturb very quickly from Control Center. Just open Control Center and tap and hold on the Do not disturb moon icon. That opens the Do not disturb control panel. There you can choose between four different periods to let Do not disturb be active. One of them is “Until I leave this location”. Handy if you, for instance, are at work and don’t want to be disturbed until you leave the office.

Previously you could use two fingers on the touch keyboard to move the cursor around in a text. Now can use one finger if you tap and hold on the space bar. It’s like having a trackpad. If you want to select text, you move the cursor to where you want to start and, without lifting the finger, double tap with another finger on the touch keyboard and drag the first finger to select the text.

Have you found any other clever secrets in iOS 12? Share in the comments below.