How do you organize your files and folders

2018-04-14 16:51 #0 by: Niklas

This question isn't only about iPad. It can be a computer as well. I need a better structure for all my files and folders. I have private files and folders, I have work files and folders for several companies. I have hundreds of thousands of photos and other images. Some are private, some are for work.

How have you organized your storage?

(Photo by Samuel Zeller at Unsplash)

2018-04-14 19:55 #1 by: jordan

I certainly don't think it is the most organised or even most efficient method, but for me it's simply to create a new folder every time the content of the folder is even slightly different. Yes, I end up with hundreds of folders, some only with one file in, but I can always search for the folder name and find it relatively quickly. 

2018-05-01 14:56 #2 by: Joab

I would prefer a file system with support for tags (labels). That would make it possible to attach tags to files, whether they are word documents, spreadsheets, images etc. You can then search for tags and that would require less focus on maintaining a good structure.

2018-05-01 15:20 #3 by: Niklas

In my view tags pose almost the same problem as folders. You have to decide on a smart tag system. If you end up with hundreds or thousands of tags, you won't remember which ones you have. :-)


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