Getting or not getting a HomePod

2018-01-30 18:30 #0 by: Niklas

On Friday Apple will start taking preorders for HomePod in the US, UK and Australia. No matter if you are in one of those countries or not, do you want to get a HomePod when it’s available?

I do. We don’t have a TV or stereo. Everyone in the household has their own iPad. Occasionally we watch movies together on one of the bigger iPads. Then better sound, like a HomePod, would be great.

2018-01-31 11:08 #1 by: jordan

We have an Amazon Echo at home and I think they're great! I thought they were a novelty at the start, especially with the voice commands, but soon enough you find yourself asking it all kinds of questions LaughingI would love the Apple one when it releases!

2018-01-31 12:04 #2 by: Niklas

The Echo has received som great reviews. Do yo have to stand close to it to give it voice commands?

2018-01-31 17:04 #3 by: jordan

Anywhere in the room really! As long as you say the command to activate it, it usually picks up what you are saying. 

2018-01-31 19:25 #4 by: Niklas


2018-03-09 20:19 #5 by: tfsjohan

Too bad the HomePod doesn’t support voice commands with Spotify. You’re very locked in on Apple Music.

2018-03-09 21:36 #6 by: Niklas