Need help with file management on iPad

2017-10-27 10:23 #0 by: kissidor

I´ve been using iPads for entertainment ever since iPad 4 and never bothered with the files involved since the apps took care of that. but now I have acquired an iPad pro 10.5 as a complement to my rather heavy and unwieldy work laptop that is more of a desktop replacement than a mobile device. 

the idea is to use the iPad pro when I´m "on the go", and while many of my colleagues are quite satisfied with being able to reply to e-mails and to read a document in sharepoint now and then on their work iPads I want to explore every possibility to make it as useful as it could optimally be, and that´s when I find that 5 years of iPad use for gaming, streaming etc has taught me absolutely nothing of what I now need to know.

my company uses microsoft apps and sharepoint, and on my laptop I have the catalogues I work most with synced so I can easily work with the documents. zip them, edit them, move them, upload and download them, attach them and so on. my iPad has 4G so being able to access and read documents from microsoft sharepoint should almost never be a problem, but I also have 256GB storage which I had hoped to make some use of. 

  1. ideally I would like to be able to sync a couple of sharepoint catalogues to it just like on my laptop, but I gather I can forget about that? but at the very least I want to be able to attach work files to e-mails that I send. I don´t want to share them, because that doesn´t work externally - we can only share within the company. so if there is an app that would allow me to do that directly from sharepoint? probably not. 
  2. but then the first workaround I can think of is to first download the files I want to send from sharepoint to my local storage and from there attach them to the emails. but when I try to do that the only catalogues that are available are Garageband, Keynotes, Numbers and Pages - and I can´t find a way to add another catalogue! so how do I do that, because surely that must be possible??? if I do save the document in one of those apps I can attach it to an email, but I really dont want to have to save my work files in the garageband catalogue, that´s just too offensively much of an emergency solution !
  3. one other thing that would be tremendously useful is an app or an extension that would make it possible to zip several sharepoint files while they are still on sharepoint, but I´m guessing that is not possible. plan B then would be to first download them to local storage and then zip them - there should be an app for that, right?
  4. if I should want to transfer copies of some documents to the iPads´s local storage from my laptop through cable, what would be the easiest way to do that so that the files are easily found on the iPad? could I just create a catalogue in internal storage from the explorer window on my laptop and then drag the files there? or preferably just drag whole catalogues? I tried that just now but it doesn´t seem to work like it would have on windows or android, so how do I do it?
2017-10-27 11:10 #1 by: kissidor

well I found how I can make a sharepoint catalogue offline available, and how I can attach sharepoint files to e-mails. it wasn´t so hard after all, I just had to press and mark them in sharepoint and then choose the relevant option from the share menu Glad

2017-10-27 13:36 #2 by: Niklas
  1. Good that you found out how. :-)

  2. I suggest you take a look at Resilio Sync. I use it for syncing files between devices. If you can run sync on your desktop or a laptop you should be able to reach files on the iPad and phones as well.


  3. Unless zipping is a feature in Sharepoint you will not be able to do this. On the other hand, the way iOS works is that you share whatever you want via extensions. I use iZip and Zipped. iZip may be more than what you need, but you can select files in Files app and zip them via share. Zipped can be used with drag and drop, which is handy.



  4. Unless you absolutely must do it via cable I would suggest logging in to iCloud.com on your computer, open iCloud Drive and drag files or folders there. You can create new folders if you like too.

    But, again, I often find Resilio Sync to be a better and faster option to always be in sync.


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