2017-09-28 09:05 #0 by: Niklas

Copied is a clipboard app for iOS (and macOS). You can use it to copy things between devices but you can also use it to copy things between apps on the same device. A prerequisite for the method I’m showing here is that you have iOS 11 installed (and Copied

This is how you copy one item from Safari. Repeat to copy several in one go.

  1. Open Safari.

  2. Open the Dock by sliding up from the bottom edge.

  3. Tap and drag the Copied icon from the Dock and place it on one side of Safari.

  4. Tap and wait until the item you want to copy from Safari is released from its place and drag it to the Copied window.

  5. Drop the item on the list of copied items in the Copied window.

Repeat with all items you want to copy from Safari. Then open the app you want to paste your items in. Put the Copied window on top and drag all items into the target app from the list in Copied.

You can drag and drop almost anything from Safari. For example images, text, links and URL’s.