What do you want to know about using iPad?

2017-09-11 09:29 #0 by: Niklas

I'd like to think I'm pretty good at using iPad. Challenge me and ask something you would like to know! :-)

2017-09-14 20:26 #1 by: vendelay

Why do you use an iPad? In what way is it easier than using a computer / laptop? I get that it's easy to carry around but I guess there has to be more advantages?

2017-09-15 06:46 #2 by: Niklas

No startup time, I can take it out and work standing in the subway or sittning on the bus. I can sit at a desk, lay on a sofa or in the hammock. I find it easier to concentrate when I don’t have lots of program windows in front of me all the time. I can use it with or without a hardware keyboard. My work is saved automatically so I never lose any work. It is automatically synced to the cloud and all my other devices (phones and computers). I enjoy working with my hands and fingers more than with a mouse or trackpad. Programs don’t take time starting, they just open. I have a good camera with me whenever I need it, which is more often than you might think. I can zoom in and out of web pages easily to see small details. I like to edit and retouch photos on iPad much more than I used to do on the computer. It’s like having a top of the line Wacom drawing board built into it. Designing apps, websites, graphics and other things is a joy on iPad. I can even draw 3D CAD designs using my fingers (I enclose an example that I made myself). Marking up screenshots is much faster than on a computer. I like reading on the iPad much more than on a computer screen. I feel that my work is more safe on the iPad given that everything is encrypted and my fingerprint or security code is needed to open it. The iPad itself is useless to anyone else without it. Even entertainment is better on the iPad. I use it for watching tv, movies, series, play, draw, listen to music, edit movies. I have never owned a laptop with the same 10+ hours of battery life that I get out of all my iPads.

The whole experience suits me better than working on a traditional computer.

I have spent years perfecting my workflows. It gets better all the time. I get that not everyone can be as efficient as I from the start using an iPad, and that’s exactly why I started this community, to help the rest of you get the most out of your iPads. :-)

Does this give you an idea of why I prefer the iPad? :-)

2017-09-16 19:24 #3 by: vendelay

Yes, thank you! Thumbs up


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