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2020-06-16, 12:28

My favorite photo magic app, BeCasso

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I try to always include pictures with my social media posts, so I need a lot of images to use. Like everyone else, I have many photos in my smartphone and iPad, but they are not all social media quality. I have found a solution that seems to always work.

BeCasso is an app for turning photos into artworks. In a few taps you can make a photo look like a painting, drawing or sketch. Even the most boring images can be made to look interesting or beautiful.

There are presets that you can start with. Oil paintings, pencil drawings and sketches, water color paintings, cartoons or pop art. I use the oil painting and pencil sketches the most. Three taps transforms the photo. Often, that is all I need. Sometimes I make tweaks or change details to get a certain look. In less than a minute the dull photo becomes a colorful artwork.

Even when I use photos from Unsplash, I transform them in BeCasso to get something personal before I post. Blurry, underexposed or crooked photos are no problem either. It’s almost the opposite.

I have used BeCasso hundreds of times. I think it was a paid for app from the beginning, but the price per photo is almost nothing. It’s great value for the money if you post a lot on social media and need unique imagery.

» ‎BeCasso: Digital Painting Art on the App Store

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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