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2020-04-15, 12:22

Apps to stay away from

SophosLabs has published a list of ”fleeceware” apps. Apps that try to trick you into buying expensive subscriptions of low-value features. Put them on your ”Apps I'm not going to buy” list.

”Many of these apps charge subscription rates like $30 per month or $9 per week after a 3- or 7-day trial period. If someone kept paying that subscription for a year, it would cost $360 or $468, respectively. For an app.

Like we have seen before, most of these fleeceware apps are image editors, horoscope/fortune telling/palm readers, QR code/barcode scanners, and face filter apps for adding silly tweaks to selfies.”

Fleeceware Apps

  • Aging seer – Faceapp,Horoscope

  • Astro Time & Daily Horoscope

  • Astroline astrology, horoscope

  • Avatar Creator – Cartoon Emoji

  • Banuba: Face Filters & Effects

  • Celeb Twin – Who you look like

  • CIAO – Live Video Chat

  • Crazy Helium Funny Face Editor

  • Curiosity Lab-Fun Encyclopedia

  • Face Aging Scan-AI Age Camera

  • Face Reader – Horoscope Secret

  • Face Reading – Horoscope 2020

  • Forecast Master 2019

  • Fortunescope: Palm Reader 2019

  • Horoscope Secret

  • iMoji – Cartoon Avatar Emojis

  • Life Insight-Palm & Animal Face

  • Life Palmistry – AI Palm & Tag

  • Lucky Life – Future Seer

  • Max Volume Booster

  • mSpy Lite Phone Family Tracker

  • My Replica – Celebrity Like Me

  • Palmistry Decoder

  • Picsjoy-Cartoon Effect Editor

  • QR Code Reader – Scanner

  • QR Code Reader & Barcode PRO

  • Quick Art: 1-Tap Photo Editor

  • Seer App:Face, Horoscope, Palm

  • Selfie Art – Photo Editor

  • Video Recorder / Reaction

  • WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker

  • Zodiac Master Plus – Palm Scan

For more information about each of the apps, open the link below.

» Don’t let fleeceware sneak into your iPhone – Sophos News

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2020-04-16, 09:59

Good high-lighting! There are many opinions that you don't need to care for security when you are on Apple devices, that security is only to be considered on Android phones.

2020-04-16, 14:02
2020-04-17, 09:59

So far, I think the security issues on iOS and iPadOS has been more of the kind bordering to fraud and unethical, rather than bugs in the system. That said, you should never assume you are safe because then you get extra vulnerable. “We must, and we will, remain vigilant at home and abroad.” 😉

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2020-04-17, 11:35

I think there has been a couple of issues where an evil iMessage sent to an iPhone could possibly brick the phone (1). It is important to be security-aware, no matter if it is bugs in the system or fraud or unethical attacks.

1) https://www.forbes.com/sites/daveywinder/2019/07/07/google-confirms-apple-iphone-bricking-imessage-bomb/

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