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2020-03-17, 09:43

English/Swedish word translation app

I'm looking for an app to translate words between English and Swedish (both ways). For a long period, I have been using Bab.la. Lately, I have experienced some bad translations and want to find an alternative. It must have a streamlined workflow as I do many translations every day.

When I write something in Bab.la, it finds all matching words in the languages I have picked as default. To get the translation, I just tap on the word I search, and a pop-up gives the translation. This process is speedy, but that doesn't matter if the translations aren't 100 percent reliable.

I doubt there is an app like what I'm searching for since I have been looking for a while. What do you use?

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2020-03-17, 17:19

I usually use the site tyda.se but don't know if it works the way you are looking for.

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2020-03-18, 09:38

Thanks! I used Tyda a lot a few years back. It's a bit slow, but I will keep it in mind if I don't find a faster solution. 🙂

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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