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2018-02-27, 12:45

Splasher is your gate to Unsplash's free photos

Having access to free images is a treasure when you write for the web. Splasher is the best iPad app to find good photos from Unsplash.

With around a million photos, you can find almost anything you search for. Tap to open a photo full screen to see if it is what you want. Another tap and you have downloaded it to your Photos app. You can do the same on the Unsplash website, but a native iPad app makes it a little faster.

There are some small quirks in the user interface. If you for instance have searched for something, it isn’t very intuitive how you get back to the start screen. (Pro tip: Tap the magnifying glass icon as if you’d want to do another search)

There is one thing I really miss in the app. As a token of appreciation for using free photos I like to give credit to the photographers. On the Unsplash website there is an embed code for every photo. I would like this to be available in the app. It would save a lot of time since I use the app a lot. If this feature was in the app I would gladly pay for it with an in app purchase or by tipping the app creator.

All in all Splasher is a great app. Get it free in the App Store.


Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2018-02-27, 16:51

This app makes it very convenient for searching for free photo's to use!Stars

Happy creating!


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