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2017-11-10, 11:33

Gladys keeps track of and syncs your clips

This is another useful utility that takes advantage of iOS 11's drag and drop functionality.

Like Yoink, Gladys is a place to temporarily (or permanently) store stuff you want to copy between apps.

Drag in Gladys as a pop-over window in any app. Then you can drag text, links and images into the window, ready for dragging and dropping into another app. The app has iCloud sync which makes it easy to drag something into Gladys on one device and drag it out of it on another device. This is very handy.

Gladys has a clean and easy to use interface. It also has a feature that is quite handy. It can automatically make several clips out of one item that you drag into it. Imagine dragging a link from Safari. Is it the URL you want to save or the text of the link? Gladys grabs both and saves them as two items. This and the iCloud sync got med to replace Yoink with it in the Dock.

The app is universal and free, with a 1 dollar in-app purchase that removes the limit of 10 simultaneous items. I would happily pay a couple of dollar more.

» Get Gladys in the App Store

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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