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2017-10-20, 13:20

Screenshot Maker Pro frames screenshots in devices

This is a niche app, but when you need it it’s good to know it exists.

Screenshot Maker Pro lets you frame screenshots from iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch in device mockups so it looks like you have taken photos of the devices. I use this app extensively here at iPad for Work.

You have many different device models to choose from in both portrait, landscape and other positions. There also are different colors. It does not contain the latest devices though, so if you need those you have to look for other apps (there aren’t any good enough).

The app lets you decide if you want to have screen reflections, ground reflections, shadows or background colors. You can also pick output sizes.

An app feature that I have never used is the possibility to frame videos. I can see many uses for it though.

Apart from newer device models missing in the app, my biggest issue with it is that it only works in portrait mode.

The app is free, but I would gladly pay for it if it was kept up to date and could handle both portrait and landscape mode. It is the only app in this category that really works.

» Screenshot Maker Pro by Takahiko Hatano

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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