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2017-10-19, 14:48

Mofred Black Ultra Slim iPad Pro 10.5 case

Cheap and does what you would expect. That’s a good summation of this iPad case.

This is a copy of Apples classic iPad case. It has a protective plastic back and a foldable front cover with magnetic lid that puts the iPad to sleep.

The build quality seems good even though the materials are cheap. The back case grips iPad firmly and I don’t think it will fall out easily. The inside of the front cover has some sort of microfiber that almost eliminates fingerprints on the screen.

When you fold the front cover, it can be used as a stand for putting it on a table or laying down for typing on the software keyboard.

I have used this case for a couple of months now. Nothing has fallen off or broken.

Mofred Black Ultra Slim iPad case cost a little less than 7 GBP on Amazon UK.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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