2017-08-11 14:34 #0 by: Niklas

With iTeleport Remote Desktop you can connect to your Mac, Windows or Linux computer and control it from your iPad or iPhone.

Even though iPad is my work computer I have a headless (it has no physical display) Mac mini server that takes care of backups and other things. 99 percent of the time it works without interference from me. Occasionally I connect to it to make sure everything is working or to access some files. That's what I use iTeleport forik.

By connecting to a computer with iTeleport I can do almost everything I could if I was standing beside it using a keyboard and mouse. What's on the Mac screen is what I see on my iPad. I can move the mouse pointer and click by swiping and tapping on the iPad screen. When I need to write there is a software keyboard that I can use.

What I can't do remotely is access the on/off hardware button on the Mac. If the Mac should need a forced restart, I'd have to physically do it. Practically anything else I can do from anywhere in the world via iPad and iTeleport.

In addition to installing the iTeleport app on an iPad or iPhone you also have to install client software for your computer. It's available for free for Windows, macOS and Linux. The iTeleport app cost 25 USD in App Store.

Get iTeleport Remote Desktop in App Store.