2017-05-29 11:55 #0 by: Niklas

This is one of my favorite apps. It is a little difficult to describe because it doesn't have a fixed purpose. You can use it for millions of different things.

Workflow is often described as Automator for iOS. Automator is an app to automate workflows in macOS. A workflow can be scanning a QR code and save its content to the clipboard or find and replace phrases in a text. It can also be more complicated things, like creating picture collages and converting markdown to html.

In Workflow you build workflows using building blocks, or actions. Get latest photos, make pdf and post on Facebook are actual examples of those actions. Each action passes its output to the next until you are done with your task.

Here's an example. I sometimes want to know my iPad IP address so I built a workflow for that. The workflow is made from these three actions:

  1. Get Current IP Address.
  2. Show Notification.
  3. Copy to Clipboard.

You can guess what it does. Whenever I need my IP address I run the workflow.

Workflows can be run from within the app, as action extensions or from the today view. Having them in the today view means you can run them from anywhere in iOS.

After Apple bought Workflow they made it free in the App Store. This chameleon of an app is so good you should have it almost regardless of its price but free is even better.