2017-05-15 09:28 #0 by: Niklas

The Photos app has the appearance of a lightweight photo album and not much else. The truth is that it has some very advanced features. Search is one.

If you have a big photo album, search is a way to find what you look for faster. You can search for thousands of things in your photos. Places, objects, facial expressions, years, months. For a list of 4 432 things you can search take a look at this article by Kay Yin.

This is how you find search in Photos:

  1. Open the Photos Album tab.
  2. Tap the magnifying glass in the top right corner to open search.
  3. Write your search phrase in the search box.

As you type you will see the search results below. For every letter you type, the results are getting narrower.

I searched for toy and were surprised to see that it found photos of people but with a small toy present somewhere in the picture. A search for aug finds all photos taken in august of any year. Birth finds birthday cakes. Sto finds photos taken in Stockholm as well as a couple taken in a car driving on a road named "Stockholmsvägen" that is not located in Stockholm. Wed finds Wedding photos.

Search doesn't always get it right but to me it's not a big problem if there are some irrelevant photos among all the relevant ones. It put a birthday photo without a birthday cake in the birthday cake category.

All in all photo search is an iOS feature well worth exploring. And it's totalt free. ;-)