2017-05-09 15:19 #0 by: Niklas

Neighborhood watch decreases crime rates. We have built an app that supports neighborhood watch and makes it more efficient.

Our app and service is called Carehood. The heart of the app is a discussion forum. That's where most of the activity takes place.

In addition to the discussions there are alarm features. You can send an alarm if you are assaulted, if there is suspicious activity, if there is an ongoing crime or if there is a health emergency. When you push an alarm button notifications are instantly sent out to the members of your group (we call them carehoods). When they tap the notification they are taken to the forum where a new post has been automatically posted. The post contains information of the nature of the emergency, when it was sent out and a map with the position of the emergency. It is also possible to add text or photos when an alarm is sent.

When you start a carehood you can invite members by sharing a link or by letting them scan a QR code with the built-in QR scanner. New members has to be approved by a current member.

We hope that Carehood will make people feel more secure and increase collaboration between neighbors. That's something the bad guys doesn't like.

The Carehood app is free. You can start any number of carehoods and you can join one carehood that someone else has started without having to pay anything. If you want to join more than one carehood started by someone else you need a subscription. The subscription is 5 USD a year. Then you can join any number of carehoods. If you have a family the whole family can use the same subscription if you activate family sharing.

Carehood is available for iOS and Android and English and Swedish localizations. It works great on iPad.

We would like if you try it out. If you do, let us know what you think in the comments.