2017-05-02 14:18 #0 by: Niklas

There may be times when you surf the web and want to be truly anonymous. Then you need a web browser powered by the Tor network.

Tor routes your traffic through many anonymous servers and shields your real IP address from the servers you visit. Both companies, the military, media, activists and many individuals use Tor to protect themselves.

Red Onion is a web browser that use Tor to make you safer on the web. It looks a lot like other browsers but has less features and is slower. The slowness is due to the extra processes web pages go through in Tor.

Red Onion has the most important features, like tabs, address bar search, download manager and ad blocker. It also has a start page with links to sites on the dark web, a part of the Internet that you can only reach if you use Tor. The dark web is probably most famous for illegal trade that goes on there.

Red Onion cost 2 USD in the App Store.