2017-04-20 09:14 #0 by: Niklas

Now and then I have to convert files from one type to another. Often it is vector images from Adobe Illustrator that I need to convert to svg, or Photoshop eps files to svg. With the right tool it is easy.

After trying different apps and services I found CloudConvert. It works on both iPad and iPhone and, as the name suggests, the conversion is handled in the cloud. If you have secret files that mustn't leave your iPad this is not the solution, but otherwise I suggest you try it out.

CloudConvert supports hundreds of file types. A complete list of supported file types can be found on the CloudConvert website.

CloudConvert is a free app. You can convert up to ten files every day without any cost. If you want to convert more than that you need to pay for it. For me ten files a day is plenty. I use it maybe once a week but when I do I'm glad to have it. Conversion typically takes around ten seconds.

How do you handle file conversions on iPad? Have you found a good tool? Post a comment!