2017-04-19 15:35 #0 by: Niklas

What do you do? No order at all? In order of download? One app category per home screen? I have tried them all and many others. None of them worked in the long run. Now I have a strategy I actually like.

It has been hard finding the perfect app order. Not only do you have to decide which apps go on which screen, you also have to order them within the screens and order the screens themselves.

What I have done is order them according to how often I use them.

  • On the first home screen I have apps that I use practically every day.
  • On the second home screen I keep apps that I use at least once a week.
  • The third home screen is for app groups, like office, economy, film & TV, draw & paint and shopping.
  • The fourth and fifth screens are for games. I rarely play games so it's okay to have them out of sight.

The apps I use every day are so few that the bottom row is always empty. I like that the first screen isn't too cluttered.

Within the two first screens I order apps by reachability. The apps I use more often are closer to the left and right screen edges for easy thumb access.

In the dock I keep apps that I normally use many times a day: Safari, Spark (email), Telegram (most of my communication), iMessage, Calendar and Settings.

I use this scheme for both my iPads and my iPhone.

Do you have a recipe for sorting apps on your iPad or iPhone? Post a comment and let the rest of us know your secret.